Our set of Internet solutions has evolved over the years and has gradually been enriched with safe values. Action Media is constantly highlighting the style, astonishing by technical mastery and arousing interest through original promotional mechanisms.

Enhancing communication, brand, services and products …

Presentation sites
We bring you new strategic values, those that cover all the expected non-monetary benefits. Whether in terms of communication support, image promotion, commercial credibility, or in terms of presence and differentiation in the face of competition.

Dynamic Sites
Action Media believed from the outset in dynamic sites and structured itself to offer companies simple and advanced tools to allow its customers to modify their site in a completely autonomous way without having to learn to use any development tool .

Action Media has focused on JAVA (JSP) technology. The use of this technology guarantees the customer a system:

Laptop: it does not depend on the platform, Unix, Microsoft, Linux, Solaris etc.

Modular: object architecture allows you to add or modify parts of your Web solution using sophisticated instruments. The modularity of the system allows you to start from a minimal investment and gradually improve, depending on the results or a more consistent budget.

Independent of database, webserver and application server

Free of license fees

Update Tools
Being dependent on a provider to modify, delete or update your data is not always the best solution. Our administration pages (ASP or PHP) are simple and intuitive, only tailor-made. The environment is protected by SSL technology, which ensures the impossibility of intercepting data through encryption.