The multitude of services offered by Action Media makes it possible to implement all the skills necessary for the success of a digital project, whether it be a website, Extranet, Intranet, or your traditional communication media.

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Your way of communicating with your targets is more than important. It carries the spirit of your organism. Retransmitting your communication policy on a digital medium allows you to enhance your image and set you apart from the competition.

Web Content
In order to write and write the texts of the websites, Action Media calls upon communication professionals who, through very brief meetings, gather the information necessary to write the texts of your websites.

Web Graphics
Some of Action Media’s graphic designers come from the field of advertising graphics and have brought to the team the experience and know-how of this sector, which has many similarities with web graphics. In addition, this creative effort has enabled us to realize customized and sought-after graphic solutions for our customers.

Press Releases
Journalists who collaborate with Action Media put all their know-how in the drafting of press kits and articles that inform the news on their website.
Moreover, when the site is a title of information, we make available to you our own journalists, who then act as editors.