Our know-how and experience allow us to offer you a set of products to meet your needs and your budget.

A solution that adapts progressively to the simple cinema as well as multisalles complexes. The ideal way to offer your clients an information service about current and future programming and help with the choice of the film. It also offers another important service: the reservation or purchase on line of the tickets using unambiguous codifications, allowing in particular the centralized management of the cash register and thus a reduction of costs.

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Dynamic movie management with movie posters, movie reviews, data and related links

Management of single and multi-room cinemas with information on the cinema, an interactive map, information on places, accesses, accessories

Easy management of schedules with generation of standard categories

Management of the programming with the different schedules from day to day, closing days, different films in different schedules, or special programs (film in original version, cine forum)